Thursday, April 7, 2011

this is an amazing new blog.

I don't quite know what to make of it yet. Lula is a character and also the name of the artist behind her (if it's a nom de plume, who can tell?) but she imposes herself into catwalk looks and fashion notable characters (Anna Wintour and Susannah Lau to name a few) and positions herself as observing fashion as an outsider. This insider/outsiderness is complicated by her relative anonymity (the character is a drawing, after all, and reveals nothing about the artist's physical appearance) but it is intriguing, mysterious... who is Lula? And, more importantly, who cares when the blog is this interesting?!


  1. Lula is absolutely fab! Nothing else out there like this. Finally someone creative running a blog...

  2. It is an unusual, lovely blog but I think your last comment is unfair. There are lots and lots of creative people with blogs, both style and otherwise. Perhaps you've just never found one that resonates with your particular taste the way that Lula does.