Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Link Lover: Garance Talks Fashion x3

This installment is on beauty, fnerds. No mention of the 'curvy' landmine... too soon?
Move your mouse over this word to be spirited away.

What, still here? I get it, I get it, you want more from me. Don't blame you. (Just jokes... sort of. HAI.)

I feel like the subtexts at work underneath the words in this post are more problematic than those in the previous two. Maybe it's because what's implied is the reiteration of the WWY- weight, wealth, youth. (Yes, it's a clunky acronym. You work for ten hours straight then try to make up catchy acronyms then we'll talk.) 
Weight, Wealth, Youth. That it's important to be stylish (and before everyone else), that it's important to be thin, that it's important to be so beautiful that you don't "need" to wear make-up or think about what you eat. It's always latently at work in mainstream fashion media, or so it seems, and yet rarely referred to, let alone deconstructed.

And while I'm venting, what's with the glorification of models who lose their post-pregnancy weight so fast? (I won't call it 'baby weight' because the weight's not the baby's- it's theirs- and there's nothing wrong with that.) I'm well aware that models must have an impetus to get back to a size and shape that will enable them to get bookings but I could vomit at the breathless admiration and the glowing photos of Gisele-diving-into-a-pool and the Heidis and the Alessandras in bikinis, the only thing stretched being their big 'SEE HOW FLAT I AM" grins. 

The actual losing weight may be their business but the idolisation of it has become our problem. 

Though this has nothing to do with Garance, mind you- it's just become an unspooling of things that have niggled in my mind for a while.
So I guess reading sentences like "this sweater? Oh, I borrowed it from my daughter. = And that’s how skinny I am" just triggered it, you know? Good on Garance for putting the spotlight on the bullshit (you'll have to excuse my non-French.)

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