Wednesday, April 6, 2011

just an inch of wine left in my glass.

Things are coming together. Do you know how incredibly great this is? Really, really fantastically great! Disparate ideas that were kind-of-sort-of connected in my mind are now fusing together in the way I imagine wounds heal, with various torn shreds of fibre melding back into a stronger, united... scab? (such a way with words.)

This is a strange kind of hybrid blog. It's not really a style blog, is it? It's also not really an academic blog. I guess wherever it sits in between both of those places (gotta love the in-between of a binary, I think they probably typify my thesis so far) there's room for online punchings-of-air and goofy grins. Ideas! I went back over some of my older work and my ideas seem so simple, and that's not a bad thing at all. It's an exciting realisation- that there has been a development and a complexification, that this varied twisting beast of a project has breath and life and keeps filling out. How great are the metaphors tonight? You loving them? My thesis is both a bloody knee and a beast from World of Warcraft, apparently.

But this is how it feels when you make little inroads all the time and carry a bundle of messy thoughts inside your head. When you pour them out through your pen and suddenly your hand is possessed and you cannot stop writing because it will break the flow and the alchemical stream that's making magic of your page will disapparate immediately (heck yes, Harry Potter! I told you it's not an academic blog. IT'S A HARRY POTTER FANBLOG! SURPRISE!)- well... it feels like a hard won joy. A fought for satisfaction after which you put that pen down, step back and smile because it's going well.

So if you want to know how it's all going, it's going magnificently.

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