Thursday, April 28, 2011


A Day in the Life of Yvan Rodic, Facehunter.

It's so interesting when Rodic says "I wouldn't call myself 'fashion photographer' because I don't think I am really working inside the industry, I'm working more just on the side, on the outside. I'm more like a social photographer." 
What a contrasting perspective to the way that streetstyle bloggers are often positioned by their interviewers and commentators, as the vanguard of fashion imagery. This disjuncture is really interesting, I think. A reader might look at the access Rodic has (he may not be allowed backstage pre-show in this video but he goes to fashion weeks, he takes photos of notable faces in the industry) and think that he is right in there, but Rodic sees himself as a figure operating on the periphery, and what he does is not even classified as 'fashion' but 'social'. Fascinating.

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