Friday, March 4, 2011

A modern-day tragedy in four photos.

Not having the internet is killing me. I lie awake at night thinking of posts knowing full well I can't write them up. I've been carrying my camera and connector cord around everywhere, taking any and every opportunity to plug it into the computer I'm on in the hope that I will be able to upload the dazzling photoshoots I've taken in my new home- but to no avail.
The Optus man even came over on Wednesday, it went a bit like this:

Photo One. Yes, hi Optus Man. Despite my gritted teeth, I really am delighted to see you! Won't you come in?

Photo Two. Ehhhh? To install the cables you need to either pull up part of our floor or drill through the front wall? Isn't there a modem or something you can just give me? What foolishness is this?

Photo Three: I can't get through to my landlord! I'm sorry. Wait! No, wait up! O please, Optus Man, don't go. It doesn't have to be this way. Tell me there's a future for us and Wi-Fi. Tell me you're not leaving me alone and unconnected...! Please... *descends into teary incoherence*

Photo Four (on the shoulder of a housemate): And he told me that... we have to! And- and- *gulpy hiccough* that there's no further availability until next Thur-hursday-hay-hayyyyy.

I feel like I'm in exile. 
On the plus side, I have been reading lots of books.

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