Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Link Lover: Garance Talks Fashion

Garance is taking on Wiki with a 'pedia all of her own. Here on Fashademic I demystify fashionspeak and Garance has now produced the companion volume: fashion talk. 'Fashionspeak' is the euphemistic language spouted in fashion magazines to name editorials and label trends ('Ready, Jet Set, Go!') whereas 'Fashion Talk' is the spoken language of those in the fashion industry for whom 'it's important to stay visible, whatever the cost.' OK so now we've got the terminology down, let's shoot over to-


  1. Interesting...

    I'm not seeing an image down the bottom. Just the word 'image' (which does act as a link, which I imagine any image that appeared there was meant to?). Same thing on 'Spetic < Mulleavy'; two of them down the bottom, just 'image'.

  2. It's the link to where I pulled the image from.

  3. Ah! I see. :)

    At the risk of sounding like a bossy cow, including the word 'credit' or 'source' would make that more evident.

  4. but can't you just read my mind? It probably would:) but i've become a creature of habit. be adventurous and click the link and then you'll see, my friend...