Sunday, March 6, 2011

I had to google 'who is yeezy' because kanye's lyrics were confusing me.

Aw look. It was the end of a long day spent in the library. I had discovered de Certeau by way of a friend and had been wading in between the cerulean covers of his 'Practice of Everyday Life.' I'd needed to wash my hair that morning but I kind of couldn't be bothered at the time, you know? Like when you should but you reckon you can get away with it for just another day and then that'll give you more time to do other necessary things like haunt the letterbox waiting for your missing Alexander Wang jumper ? Yep.
And then my asos blanket coat arrived in the post (apparently the postie yelled 'cooee!' and slid it up our hallway through the open front door) with me all mucky from reading all afternoon and with my hair and my general malaise, I just thought 'stuff it. I'm doing an outfit post.'
So here I am, sweeping my wing of woven poly-nylon blend and hiding my face away.
Then I repented, thinking that if I was going to the effort of posing in my hallway the least I could do would be to put on some lips and a hat.

ta da!
Don't ever say I don't do anything for you. (ps. the term "gussied up"- severely underused. Let's bring that back.)

(I especially like when I look like Thing from the Addams Family. Form an orderly queue, boys.) 

blanket coat from
hat by Akubra
shorts from just jeans (bought to wear to the cross-country eventing at the Sydney Olympics in 2000 and still going strong!)
shirt from surry hills markets
rings by georg jensen, young huntings, a thai family company, sportsgirl, a mixed junk jewellery bag from rozelle markets and handmade for my mum's twenty-first birthday.

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