Wednesday, February 23, 2011

its on

(please excuse the terrible lack of punctuation in this post. I have no internet at home yet so am in the ARC and for some reason a number of the keys on this keyboard dont work. I find that my tone in emails has been strangely stilted without my trusty apostrophes and hyphens and no doubt the grammarians amongst you are going to come down on me hard because of the lack of them. Spare your wrath, in the name of all thats pernicketty!)

So the world (at least the world for some) has been swallowed up in a flurry of shows and flights and late night drinks and twitterfeeds of the latest looks from the latest shows. I say *the world for some* (asterisks instead of quotation marks, lets work together) because heck it aint my world and most of us live vicariously through, inhaling each live feed (Proenza Schouler!!!) like a postgrad student inhales their skim flat white on breaktime from the books. But part of what I love about the mad rush between New York London Paris Milan is the streetstyle and its times like these that throw me back into the arms of the same old familiar names: Scott, Vanessa, Hanneli, Tommy. They dont disappoint.

The colour the colour! Reds and fuchsias and quirky details. Fur is coming back with a vengeance. Seems like everyone is throwing on a pelt and hitting the side/catwalk (the difference depending on ones means, occupation and location.) Also the layering of knickknacks on wrists is unabated and gee I love to see some vintage on the street. I love that the girl in the third image is rocking a totally bygone hat and looking fine whilst doing so. The all red ensemb of girl number one is rad too, it reminds me of that brunettes Lanvin ensemb from ages ago, you know the one I mean, the cute Russian one with the brown hair? In the red Lanvin coat? You so do. 

Also great is the playing with neutrals and greys. 
O listen to me I sound like a fashion magazine. Colours are in but so are neutrals! Black is classic and why dont you try some bold prints as well? With a Louboutin heel or the eternal ballet flat? With messy but chic hair thats down or up or balayaged or red or curly (because curls are so now) or straight (because pokerfaced hair never goes out of style!)

Is there a way to write about what people wear on the street without sounding breathless/hyperbolic/cliched? Perhaps. I think the day is too late and my brain is too fried to go there though so Ill limit it to... 

 Captured by the sartorialist at University Square in New York I wish people at my University dressed like this. Mostly its rugby shirts, shorts and thongs for the college kids (girls mix it up by wearing tracksuit pants *shudder*); pearls and cardigans for the North Shore; scraggly topknots, torn knits and leather shorts for the Russh reading fashion diehards; popped collars and skinnies for the hipster boys; and an assortment of sweet vintage, oversized glasses and plaid for the Frankie.hearts. I should do a pictorial post of Sydney Uni style... note to self. I especially like how she has layered her socks over her tights.
 Floorlength fantasticness. (I cannot say *fabulous* it makes me feel fatuous and fashiony. (I had to add *fashiony* to the end of that sentence so it wouldnt read as an unintentional rhyme... eeeek.))
Stylish lovers for Valentines Day... too sweet.

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