Friday, February 11, 2011

I'm too tired to think of a title.

So okay if you know me or have been on my twitter or read this blog or, you know, have any contact with me in any way at all, you'll know I'm moving this weekend. I am dreaming dreams in the shape of cardboard boxes, crammed with memories and pajama pants I forgot I owned and old letters from old friends I can't bear to throw away.
The one glaring absence in our new place will be couches- we ain't got any. So today, T-minus one day until the removalists come with the van to take me (and my stuff) away, I went with Jeremy to Burwood Vinnies to unearth what I could. 
For the uninitiated/international reader, Vinnies is a charity store with branches all over this good, sunlit country. They specialise in anything and everything you could want/need/or not want including cheap furniture for impoverished students and enough tiki-themed wares to start your own luau (see: carved wooden pineapple appetiser tray; see: shotglasses with crabs painted on; see: the abundance of hawaiian shirts.) Couches we did not find but what did we find, pray tell? (disclaimer: am talking to myself. Am strung out like a string bean, don't judge.) 
We found a silk Zegna cummerbund and a double-breasted Valentino jacket for the good sir Jeremy. 
Then we did a quick run to the Rozelle Vinnies, hoping against hope there might be a velvet chaise longue, a squashy but comfortable armchair or two there... nup. But there were two pairs of Ferragamo heels that are now mine! O yes. And there was an amazing Valentino suede, silk-lined* jacket too, but it was miles too big and even if I say I'll get it taken in, you and I both know that I never would. So I left it there for another labelstruck shopper.
And that's my story.
I move tomorrow and my mind won't be completely under my command until the last remnants of my sprawling belongings are installed in the new place. O, for this time tomorrow!

ps. I would take photos but they're already packed. Efficiency, readers. It's what I'm all about.

*What I Learned From Benjamin This Week: Silk lining came to exist in the 19th century. Silk was deemed too delicate a fabric for wear on the street so 'retreated' inside clothing, hitherto an unprecedented practice. Cool huh?

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