Tuesday, February 1, 2011

haute haute heat

I give you...


 The harem pant morphs into a skirt! Happy day!
I can't tell if it's a bedjacket or a poncho but the tonality is kind of perfect. And when I say 'kind of' I mean 'just is' okay?

If a mime got a make-over from Carine Roitfeld, I think the results would look something like this. My prediction? Black (then coloured- maybe khaki and navy and silver, probably gold) sequinned leggings are going to be all over the legs of the fashion boys/girls this winter and all over the legs of everyone else in eighteen months.

What the HC-affording mum wears when she does the school run.

 I love the nod to fashion's history with the models holding the number of the look they are wearing. So sweet- and it ties in nicely with the throwback to early twentieth century influences worked into the garments ('40s silhouettes and tailoring, turn-of-the-century Moulin Rouge can-can girls, 1920s flappers etc etc and so on.) 
Plus that jacket has it going on.

 yes please.

The Moulin Rouge and Courtney had a Love child.

 If you proposed to me, I would walk down the aisle to you wearing this. Possibly minus the sideways centurion plume but it really depends on my mood on the day. or should I say, our Day.

And then the fantastical was multiplied to the power of nine and he sent these stunners down the runway:

 But of course these are just warm-ups to the main event, my favourite couturier creating today. You know what's coming next?

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