Friday, February 25, 2011

Fridays are the best days until you realise you haven't done enough work and that your Saturday is going to be buried in work.

My days are blurring into a seamless panorama of online shopping, dreaming of home furnishings (last night's reverie involved me inspecting three drawers of colour-coded cutlery and charcuterie shopping), furious rereading of notes to prime me to dive off into chapter two and hasty catch-uppery of blogs and shows. Not having the internet at home is a drag.

You know what else is a drag? Getting your spanking-new T by Wang cotton pointelle boxy jumper in brick shipped all the way from Wisconsin only to find the jerk is too big and baggy. I could've smuggled one of these monkeys under there and no-one would be the wiser...

I kind of want to snuggle him and I kind of want to drape him around my neck like a living, breathing snood. That makes me a horrible person, doesn't it?)

But hey, it's cool. You'll be relieved to know I'm swapping it for a smaller size and in the meantime am imagining the various different outfits it will spruce up... I would include an image but, you know... I don't know how to do a screen grab on a PC. Just imagine a long-sleeved fabric version of  red velvet cake (the texture, the colour, the feelgood vibes) and that's pretty much the mental picture.

And TALKING of online shopping... ahem...

 Thanks ASOS.
ps. but the styling, ASOS. Peach shorts and caramel top? With red/blue/daisy yellow? Not loving it, guys. I'd do... an Edwardian influenced blouse, as diaphanous as possible with structured navy trousers, a little high waisted but straight and tidy through the leg. Maybe a hat. Just for future reference.

And because it's Friday and because it's been a big week here are some delights
My friend Antares threw a German party last week to celebrate the start of her Honours in (German) History. I was going to sauce it up as Marlene Dietrich but had major costume issues so I reworked, nay reshaped myself into someone a little grander, a little more manly, a little more... how you say, Lagerfeldy. I felt more than chic. I felt the spirit of Mlle Chanel drape around my shoulders and press me on towards greatness. I pondered all of this over a Diet Coke and then I left the demode underlings in a haze of my personalised parfum, Karl No. 5

A.Wang's one-year-old niece Aila. (Eeeeeee!)

Silver nails to die for. And a long skinny cigarette and armour rings and hm. I hate smoking but dang cigarettes look cool. Sorry but it's true. (Her hair is full of secrets.)

Ok so I'll shuffle off now, stop in-joking Mean Girls at myself and do some work. if you're reading along, this week the Benjamin group denegrated into afternoon tea at Badde Manors because everyone was away or sick or busy (damn you, O-Week!) So if you read the Nietzsche in [Boredom, Eternal Return] or learned all about Haussmanisation in... [Haussmanisation] well, hold onto those glimmers of ideas until next week.

Images! Jak&Jil (props to Miles), National Geographic, GQ Mag online (props to Jeremy)


  1. Please tell me there are photos from the party! This sounds amazing!!

    Good luck for your weekend work - I have procrastinated my way into that bummer too. eek! At least there are weekend papers to kick ooff the day?

  2. I'd pair it with a hat. I like hats.