Saturday, January 22, 2011

will you take me as I am strung out on another man?

 Sometimes I feel like dressing eccentrically just because. I look at the clothes sprawling out of my wardrobe and I think 'what if?' What if I wear striped pantaloons underneath a slinky, cutaway skirt? What if I wear the ultimate dress-down outfit of an I Heart NY tee and blue jeans and throw a vintage fur stole over the top? What if a scarf becomes a turban and a belt becomes and necklace and a dress becomes a coat? On those days, dressing is a whole other ballgame all together.
Like last Sunday when, dressing for a study day and catch-up at Bek's, I felt all Fifties all of a sudden. So a pleated peach cotton Scanlan and Theodore skirt became a crinoline underneath a vintage sundress I got in Toronto. I wove the sash strings into a belt and tucked my favourite scarf (a vintage Hermes carre from the Marches aux Puces in Montmartre. It is beyond beautiful) over my shoulders. Little Chairman Miao loved the ensemb (or me!) so much he kicked back for a blissful sleep.

 Textures and a kitty.

Avoiding my structuralist philosophy, I instead opted for a chubby book of photos on Bek's bookshelf, which is really a ladder and all of the books are ordered by the colours of their spines. Her house is my ultimate dream-home, hands down. I'm taking photos of the interior next time so that you can join me in the hand-wringing, heart-busting lust of it all. Anyway, the book was on the shifts that popular fashion went through in the 20th century starting with the Edwardians and working forwards, and I took photos of my favourites for you, just for you.

I love that it has fitted little sleeves which act as a visual contrast to the meringue/Grecian party raging down her torso.

 Soooo cooool.
 This is the (then) Charleston world champion and doesn't she look great? Look at how sensible that heel is! I feel like no other major designer besides Miuccia Prada would touch a heel that size and shape these days but it's so cute and chubby in contrast to her little glittering dress.

 I looked at this girl and just though "BLOGGER." But it's from the Twenties! Can you see it though? Very 'The Clothes Horse.' The cute cloche, the big beads, the rosette brooch, and the FACES on her TIGHTS. We Love Colours would have a field day! The book said that the face was her lover's who went to war- incredible.

 I want to be able to dance like this.


One thing that occurred to me whilst flicking through this (oh, who am I kidding, I scoured and devoured every page!) that some clothes photograph better when the wearer is still (see first photo- wouldn't motion have made her look like she was holding her bedsheets up around her while she cast around for her clothes?) and some come to life when the wearers are dancing- the Charleston dress practically shimmies itself right out of the frame. A deep observation, I know. On that note- bakin' time!


  1. re. charleston world champion's shoes - repetto still makes beautiful shoes with a sensible heel like that! plus they are perfect for dancing in!

  2. sweet thanks for the tip, ellen x