Monday, January 24, 2011

snow white // rose red

This is the first pair of gloves from my collection I wanted to show you. Today was swelteringly hot, disgustingly, drippingly, revoltingly hot so the gloves with inbuilt airflow made the most sense. Plus their cream and macrame weave vibe is hitting my throwback-to-the-Seventies mood just right. (Long cotton skirts? White lace? Hair parted in the middle? Broad brimmed hats? I'm feverstruck.)

How to style these pretties so as not to look like part of the Church Ladies' Guild was another matter. Wearing full vintage with them is definitely straying into milky tea and homemade shortbread territory, whereas they're too delicate to shine with a mismatched ensemb. So I played it straight down the line. A bit of white lace vintage offset by the tackiest and most delightful handbag I own- a red satin and sequinned heart-shaped mini-audiere from Topshop. It has a diamante clasp. Say no more.
O and red matte lips courtesy of Ruby Woo, my favourite M.A.C.

vintage gloves // vintage top // Topshop mini-audiere //

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