Friday, February 26, 2010


fashademic, (f æ∫e‘demik) n. 1. Colloquial contraction of words ‘fashion’ and ‘academic’ 2. One who studies fashion from an academic perspective.

Well hi. Let me introduce myself. I’m Rosie. I’ve flirted with fashion since my aunt subscribed to Australian VOGUE when I was 15 to get the free gift then realised she didn’t like the magazine so mailed it on to my mum and I. Like many before and after me, I used to cut the best photos out and paste them into my school diary. But then I started to hoard them so I could pore over them later like a crazed hermit with a cup of green tea at hand, and feel slightly weird when I remembered loving something that was so new at the time (the Rochas white tulle gown with the long waist from Spring/Summer ‘04) and seeing it become hackneyed by the bridal gown industry (o Rochas dress! they ruined you for me forever)/the fast fashion houses/overexposure in a million other editorials.

So now I have a stack of VOGUEs (Australia, UK and Paris- and RUSSHes, and BAZAARs, and AnOther Magazines, and POPs, and Lulas) as high as your elbow that doubles as my nightstand, and my flirtation has developed into full-fledged fever.

When I was doing my Honours in 2007 one of the theses I wrote was on Rosemount Australian Fashion Week where I did an ethnographic study by being a volunteer and I discovered that paeon of delight, Fashion Theory: A Journal of Dress, Body and Culture, and I realised that my love of academia and my love of fashion didn’t have to be mutually exclusive. That I could legitimately claim fashion mags on my tax return. That I could write about fashion without using gushy, trite phrases like “pleather is the new brocade!” or “think pink!” Or label every editorial with an overworked quote like ‘trip the light fantastic’ or ‘down the rabbit hole.’ Ex-ci-ting! So my path was set… more or less.

So here I find myself, almost twenty-four and two days into my new career- undertaking my PhD in Cultural Studies and studying style blogs and modern fashion.

So this is my space to record the experience and also to explain what I’m doing to the bloggers I hope to connect with to figure out what it is they think they’re doing, why they do it (and ostensibly love it) and what it is about fashion that they just can’t get enough of…

So that’s part of me in a nutshell. O, maybe you should also know that I used to think Chanel and chenille were the same things, so when my mum told me my (pale peach) bedspread was chenille, I thought ‘WOW!’ Now we can be best friends, because you know everything there is to know about me.