Friday, December 17, 2010

what i wore.

Today it took me forever to settle on what to wear. I started with the dealbreakers- they're so comfortable, so slouchy, and they polarise people, so perfect on a day when I wanted to both hide away and to thumb my nose at the year. So then I worked my way up. Comfortable bassike dress on top but it was too monotonal- not right for today. So I put the ed&bek shirt over the top and- voila. I don't wear closed-in sleeved tops very often- I feel stifled for some reason. But lately I've had a hankering, so on it went. Then the whole look was too neat, so on went the ponyhair belt. It was still missing something so I tried a few brooches until it was just right. My hair had to go up in a bun, which again is not a common choice for me. Wearing my hair like that makes me feel prim and tidy, like I should be going to an office to number crunch and send faxes. And it leaves me nothing to hide behind. But it looked silly out with so many layers of clothes, and so. 
And then the leopard shoes to crazy up the print ratio. And the Coach bag which fits everything in, which often means an umbrella in case it rains, sunglasses in case it's glarey, a novel in case I miss my train, some articles in case I finish the novel and need something else to read, an ipod in case I don't feel like reading after all and then the usual suspects- keys wallet pocket mirror (my eyelashes stick into my eyes ALL THE TIME!) lip salve pen daily planner. Carrying that thing is like doing weights, one side of my body at a time.

Anyway, that's how I sually get dressed, when I have the time. It's like choosing the armour I need for the day, but every day what I need changes. Sometimes my clothes are a second skin, sometimes a shroud. Sometimes they shout my mood joyfully to the world, sometimes they help me disappear. And sometimes I am running hideously late so I just grab yesterday's outfit off the back of my desk chair and away we go.

Macau brooch from Bondi Markets a million summers ago.

A close-up on the dropcrotch. The original and the best.


The detail shot.
pink and red top // ed&bek
washed navy dress // bassike
dealbreakers // bassike
brooch // bondi markets
ring // harry wragg vintage
shoes // zomp
bag // coach
belt // kinki gerlinki


  1. I don't mean to split hairs, but do office workers send faxes anymore!? I like the outfit, though.

  2. Thanks Jeff! They probably send messages to one another from their bluetooth headsets instead. But when my hair tied like that, it's all about sending faxes, sharpening lead pencils and drawing margins with a red pen and a ruler. That's just how it is.