Thursday, December 2, 2010

a little something like this.

If I was a man or even a boy, these are the looks I would be pillaging. Give or take the cigarette.

He's wearing a dropcrotch so I like him already. But he also has a cheeky gleam in his eye, artfully slouchy layers, and boots I would half-nelson the elderly for. I don't know what the ribbons are for but I do know this: they look mad cool.

Everything about this is right. And you know I'm not one to judge the rightness or wrongness of an outfit. (Well, maybe I am, but only in terms of proportion and colour and what I personally do/don't think works, not as a judgment call on the person whose look I'm... evaluating?) 
Anyway- o man, what is not to like?! Faded denim, navy pants, rolled up sleeves and five o'clock shadow. In the words of a childhood friend, this guy's got it going on like a shark that's got it going on.

One word for you, stranger: rakish.
 If he took the trench off his shoulders it would all look a bit monotonal, but I totally get what you're doing here, sir. I have days like that too- you know the ones I mean? Where you peer at the sky as you get dressed, thinking your choice is A-OK because the weather will surely stay cool enough to keep on your 'statement' coat which is really the lynch-pin of your entire look. Then you venture out and within minutes heat is creeping up your neck and you're swearing in your head because if you take the coat off you will feel half-dressed. And that would never do. So you let your neck prickle all day and even though you know your outfit looks snazzy you're not 100% sure you matched it with the right day.

Salt and pepper beard! And the neat perfection of a collar buttoned all the way up with the button exposed. 
I'm a big fan.

 I look at this man and just think of The Sartorialist. How great is his tonal dressing? 'So great' is the only approps answer (and heck yes this blog is a dictatorship, how did you only pick up on that vital point so far into the piece? One authorial voice= I am always right, let's be real. I am magnanimous though, so don't even worry about it.)

I like his beard. And his sea-green leopard print notebook. And the warmth in his eyes. I don't think 'warmth in his eyes' really qualifies as a style choice but it is a choice nonetheless.

Contrasting stripes! Best.
The buttoned up cardy + blazer over the shoulders is a very underused look amongst, well, everyone, but especially the menfolk. You get the comfort and range of movement of a cardy with the structure and polish of a blazer. That sentence doesn't really have a point, I guess it's more of an observation, really. (I WILL NOT SUFFER OPPOSITION.)

And double denim is super adorable on guys. On ladies, not so much. Well... maybe sometimes it is. But never on me- it makes me feel like I'm back at my Year Nine disco. And not in a good way. (Can there be a 'good way' for that scenario? My school discos invariably involved my school hall with a mirror ball, a few busloads of boys from the local boys' schools (yeah, I went to a girls' school. HOLLA!) and lots of nervous blushing. The highlight in my memory was stepping outside and feeling the rush of cool night air on my steaming face. I'm not sure how we got talking about this, but either way, double denim and me = vaguely awkward memories. AND EVERYTHING I SAY GOES, REMEMBER?)

All images from STREETFSN.

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