Sunday, December 5, 2010

i'm walken.

new shoes! 
Three kinds of leopard spots so I am in sky-high heaven.

Clearly, the only thing to do was head to the nearest alley and take photographs.
I am living in these pants at the moment- asos, you done me proud.

pants and tee/ asos
shoes/ zomp
jacket/ sample from bondi markets
neckalces/ A.D. and scarlet begonia

A little later on and Tess and Sarah and I decided we needed Cadbury's Black Forest chocolate and that we must walk up the street to buy some. I put on the new shoes and all of a sudden we were in a whole different ball game. I set the timer on my Blackberry and Sarah raced upstairs to dress against the clock. Tess pulled out painted velvet shorts, a grunge tee, scarves, tights, shredded jeans and began to weave some magic. Meanwhile, I raided her wardrobe, and as you see, the results were printastic. A fantasy print/tie-dye tee plus black tights plus a vintage Ralph Lauren tartan coat plus the leopard wedges plus a leopard scarf = a helluva Saturday night outfit. JEALZ?

Sarah went from her lace and silver jewellery ensemb. . .

to this! Not just anyone could make emerald green crushed velvet look this good.

And Tess worked around her amazing American flag shirt. . .


So, all three of us wearing high heels and about fifty textures, colours and prints apiece, we were ready to wander up to Oxford Street to buy our chocolate. At seven-thirty pm on a Saturday night. To say that people stared was an understatement but the best bit was pretending that we thought we were dressed .totally. normally. 

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