Saturday, December 4, 2010

croissant? a large flat white? chopped summer fruit and yoghurt? ALL OF THE ABOVE.

Well, today is not rainy (yet) but the sky is glaring and bright, and who knows what the afternoon will bring? In the face of a hectic week, I am relieved that my toughest choice today is what to have for breakfast and yes, the title of this post is what about half an hour of idle pondering in bed led me to conclude. 
So these are my favourite shots from STREETFSN, a streetstyle I already raided for the post on what I would wear if I was a boy. You might get deja vu if you scroll over but hold the (camera)phone because you'll be as crazy in love with it in no time. Why has my blog just been Beyoncéd? I'm not entirely sure. Let's go with low blood sugar.

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