Thursday, December 2, 2010

A community service announcement or the (second) time I met The Sartorialist.

Hey there, Sydneysiders.
 Garance Doré is in our fair city today and is looking for models for the new Westfield Bondi campaign. She's casting at the Westfields from 3-6pm today so choose today's favourite outfit and get yourself down there if you want to throw your hat into the ring or just watch the action.
For a reminder of what she looked for last time, check this post out.

 For those playing at home this is Cisco, Garance's last Australian castings winner.

My last encounter with a streestyle superphotog. was when Scott Schuman came out as part of his book tour. I went to the signing at sass+bide in Paddington to witness the frenzy first-hand and whoa. WHOA
The queue went up the street on both sides from the boutique's door, and everyone was styled to the max but were pretending to be totally cool, as if standing on Oxford St in a queue for three hours on a Tuesday evening is the regular thing. People weren't making eye contact with each other but would quickly look someone up and down when they weren't looking, in true Fashion People style. Night slowly gathered (it was December, after all, where even the twilight is dazed by the heat) and the passing traffic were all gaping at their car windows. You could almost see the thought bubbles above their heads, 'what in the whut is going on?' The Fashion People (o, who am I kidding, we) pretended not to notice- nothing to see here. Yet at the same time there was much to  see here, and we were purely spectacle.
I met some lovely girls in the queue which was a plus, especially cause we were standing together there for three hours. A kind of camaraderie grew up with those around us, a weary laugh about how crazy we were to be doing this and a nervous thrill of excitement that he was here and that he would see us.
At last (o, the stamina of my heel-clad feet!) we made it into the store. It feels close in there because it is a long and narrow space enclosed by an arched, mirrored ceiling, so from every angle was expectant faces, sass+bide clothes, large green plants and all of their reflections bearing down on you. We were literally funnelled towards Schuman, who sat at a desk in the back in a navy blazer, brandishing a pen. Overseeing everything was the Redheaded Girl who he shot for his blog the first day he arrived in Sydney and a ripple of recognition spread through the queue as people noticed her. She was pretending to be oblivious but I saw her wear a little smile too. 

 Red on red, December 2009

So I met The Sartorialist (again), this time over a table as he signed my book and I thanked him and within a minute I was turned around and out on the street again. I don't know if he pulled anyone from the crowd that night to photograph but I highly doubt it. His business that night was signing books, offering the odd compliment and presenting his self to the gaze of his readers, many of whom would have spent hours scouring his blog but had never seen the man behind the photos.

So here I am front and centre in my Cacharel jumpsuit and a vintage leather belt. I don't know what the story with my hair was but ee so long! The girl on my left was a sweetheart from Ireland who had the best hot pink brogues, and to my right was a Sydneysider who had a blog that I now can't find. ('Miss Wayfarer', where did you go?) The Sart complimented her on her skirt which made her night. 
That was the first time I had to explain what my project was going to be about to people who I didn't know. I don't think I had even been accepted by the university yet back then but I was dutifully taking fieldnotes nonetheless (I wasn't even enrolled yet! NERD!)
Anyway, this photo was taken by PedestrianTV for their website, somewhat appropriately for a streetsyle photography event.

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