Monday, December 13, 2010

boy we can do much more together

I opened my front door on Saturday to a surprise.

 Ordered and delivered within a week. Thanks!

Who knew that couriers even delivered on Saturdays? But there it was, nestled right up against my door jamb as if trying to escape the long-fingered heat creeping up my stairwell. (Have I ever described the stairwell of my apartment block to you before? Imagine a 70's hospital corridor having a love child with a motel on Highway 69 and that's what it looks like: all sea green doors and grubby white tiles. It's practically crying out for some shell art.)
I had such an action-packed weekend that it's only today that I've had time to peel open the book's covers to flick through the 400 odd pages of bloggers' photos. A couple of Australians are profiled (way to go Nicole and Elle-May) but I was even more delighted to be introduced to a number of male bloggers I hadn't encountered before. In fact, eleven of the forty bloggers featured in the book were guys, which is a large proportion compared to the girl to guy ratio of bloggers on the style blogosphere at large.
I've shared some of the links to their blogs on here but interestingly, some of the blogs in the book are not active. Some of the addresses didn't work and some of them are only updated once or twice a month which makes me wonder if the author was throwing the net far and wide to find guys to feature. One guy doesn't even have an actual blog but a account, which isn't really the same thing, really. I suppose one of the difficulties of writing about blogs is that books are permanent in a sense but blogs aren't: they can be made private or deleted, become inactive or corrupted and then they are gone.
On that note:

 Jim Dumont of attention whore

 Juan Cocco of JUANCOCCO

Karl Philip Leuterio of inkarlcerating
(nb: loading this site screwed up my computer- it was hard to get the whole script to read so be warned. There is probably some way to avoid this mishap but failing to know how to help you or even myself I can only give you a heads up, yo.)

 Clement Louis Mompach of clementlouis

 Adrian Cano of Adrian Cano 

 Sebastien Torudu
This is one of the bloggers I mentioned before. His blog is supposed to be found at but blogspot can't trace it. I tried searching it as a straight dotcom and then googled it and then googled the name of the blogger and was led to his MySpace. Who knew people still had personal MySpaces anymore?! But here is one of his great selfies, and if anyone finds his blog's actual address then won't you please wing it my way!

Adam Gallagher of what dreams may come

Kadeem Johnson of his photographic mindset
My favourite of all these discoveries. He's quoted in the book as saying that 'I don't talk much so I will speak through the images that I post.' So poetic and a perfect opening quote for the chapter I'm working on. Score.

Style Diaries image from Juan Cocco; all other shots by the respective bloggers.

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