Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I thought now might be a timely moment to answer a few questions I often get asked. So if you thought a PhD was a kind of hair straightener or if the last time you paid attention to fashion was when you were trying to decide what kind of dress (or suit) to wear to your year ten formal, then this is the post for you.

So, are you almost finished?
Uhm.... not even close. 

A PhD, what is that, like, a one year degree?
A minimum of three, my friends. Most students take between three and four but the earliest I could submit would be December 2012 but I'm in no rush. 

And you have to write a thesis?
Yep. A long one. 75 000- 100 000 words. Luckily, I like writing.

That's like a book!
Hopefully it will be one day.

So your thesis is on fashion. What do you think about what I'm wearing?
awkward silence

Give me a rating out of ten!
longer awkward silence in which I look at your outfit because that means I don't have to look at your expectant face whilst I invent an answer and deliver it in the least flustered manner possible.
That's not, really... uh... what my research is about.


  1. Ha ha! While I wouldn't ask you to rate what I'm wearing (I have a realistic opionion onthat score) I do have another question to add...

    Fringes: Too much hassle, or totally worth it until they grow out?

  2. Good one. Uhm... Ima go with option A. They're fun for the first week, then the hair starts growing into your eyes (as in, hair poking your eyeballs unless you style it with a dryer and round brush in the morning) and then you either have to make fortnightly trips to the hairdresser for a trim (or do it yourself and hope you have a steady hand) or you start the growing out process which always takes longer than you think it will.
    But they can look amazing... I guess the key question here is do you have the energy for the maintenance?