Thursday, November 25, 2010

I'm sweating like a schvitz.

I don't even know what a 'schvitz' is, but I feel at times like this that only appropriated Yiddish will express my deepest feelings. My deepest feelings of being liquefied by the Sydney summer sun.

So yes, kids and squids, it's HOT today. I spent the morning drinking tea and scoffing vanilla and almond shortbread (Christmas time is baking time) with my friend Lizzie and her puppy Ziggy. I'm wearing a floorlength khaki cotton skirt and while it billows pleasantly around my ankles as I walk and generally makes me feel like some kind of romantic hippy it also does little to counteract the bakin' heat. I tied it up in a knot on one side but I was in Woollahra (sp?) and I think I shocked the TwinSet a bit with my lack of chic. This is what happens when I leave the Inner West, friends. Anyway that's not even the point of this story (did I tell you I think I spotted Tim Winton on the street? Totz did. Or else someone who looks incredibly identical to him. I played it cool, though, and waited until he had walked past to lean forward and hiss conspiratorially at Lizzie. I can only hope that he was out of earshot by then.)

Anyway the POINT of this post is to share a little editorial flashback from 2005 with you. It stars that erstwhile heartthrob Josh Hartnett (though I was always more of a Leonardo Di Caprio kinda girl. Don't judge) and everyone's favourite model of yesteryear, Gemma Ward.
Let's take a trip down memory lane, which is hopefully shadier and less sweat-drenched than this here day of 2010.
This is hot in more ways than one.

 Pedal pushers!!! Who remembers these? They swept my schoolyard circa 1997, hot on the heels of the cargo short trend. I had a denim pair with red piping (pedal pushers, not cargo shorts. That would be a super ugly breed of cargo short, no?) that were almost The Jazz but not as good as my friend Jess' pedal pushers which were the envy of the schoolyard. Or at least the envy of me. I can't look at them now without a voice screaming between my ears: YEAR SEVEN IN THE NINETIES! I don't think that's a place I want to go back to. Ima vote 'no' on this one, Gemma, but you still look incroyable so don't even worry about it.

Summer has swum lazily over our heads and it's here to stay for a while. this year, it's going to be unhurried, unexpected and above all, carefree I hope I hope I hope.

Images by Mario Testino for Vogue US

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  1. speaking of winton... 'they were mad, loony, loopy with summer.'