Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I'm not fcking around.

I've been siphoning my words into my thesis and so, and so, and so. And so is explained the 'why' of why I haven't been exploring ideas on here of late. Since I last did a post on ideas, Google launched boutiques.com and Tumblr's first e-retail blog started but I just can't summon the energy required to think them through. 'Course they're important- they are the latest exploration of the possibilities for individualised retail that the internet offers- but I'm simultaneously weaving together a year's worth of ideas and reading. I'm also wildly distracted by the sunshine, in the grips of a recent mania for baking, and a desire to escape on a bus to Coogee to float in the ocean and soak in the sun (through a thick layer of 30+) as I do the Quick Crossword. It's almost holiday time, I guess.

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