Wednesday, November 17, 2010

and in came a heatwave- a merciful save-

hey hi.

I stole a couple of days for a holiday this week and it can be thus summarised- sigh. On a long exhale, with a smile. 
My Monday-Tuesday involved baking chocolate cakes with buttercream icing, a couple of art shows with a couple of friends, redoing my inspiration board thing that hangs by my desk, tidying my room, reading, watching The West Wing (the word 'addiction' barely begins to describe. I am seriously contemplating a post-PhD career of speechwriting, or at the very least somehow morphing myself into CJ Cregg. Either would satisfy), and not thinking at all in any way about fashion, research, digital technologies, new media, the public sphere or blogging. 

So that's why it has been quiet here at Fashademic HQ (timely reintroduction of fashionspeak? What if I start calling you 'Fashadettes'? Would you come after me wielding your MacBooks like weapons? Wouldn't blame you.) But I have some dot points to share to kick us into this (mid)week...

First off, my mania for sheer continues. I found the black-floorlength-with-chiffon-overlay skirt of my imaginings at Supre (Supre! Erstwhile home of singlet tops with elasticated waists and micro-micro-micro mini skirts with pink and black polka dots! Whodathunkit) and duly hacked off the lining at the knee. The only word to describe my feelings when I wear it is smug. 

Secondly, Stella emailed me a link to a New York magazine spread on sheer pants and the smugness increased tenfold because I felt so "on trend" (j'ai envie vomir.) This is my favourite look of them all but I don't completely love it- why cramp the effect of the sheer with a white underlay? Also, am not crazy about the elasticated ankles, it makes the pants look a bit like a romper? I am, however, very much in favour of the styling over all- the Lennon sunglasses, the Lagerfeldy severe black and white, and how the stylist anchored the light pants with heavy boots.

Other news from the blogosphere- Tavi is starting a new Sassy that's not Sassy 2.0 and has put out a call for submissions of interest from people who want to contribute (style blogging, the new frontier?) Jane wants suede chaps and Emily found a grown-up version of a tutu. See what you miss when you stay offline? 

Also, deliveries from my online shopping expeditions have been arriving in my letterbox. These lovely items are now fistfighting everything else for space in my crammed Ikea wardrobe:
 these pants (asos)

 this tee (asos)

 this necklace (Tibetan crystal encased in a spent bullet cartridge) (scarlet begonia on Etsy)

and this is wending its way to me. (Young Huntings)

And lastly, some banal stuff for those who like banal stuff. Um. I painted my nails?

Well, you can only see the thumbnail but it's just the tips, in gold glitter polish. 
This is my classy attempt at hand modelling with an antique perfume bottle.

And I got the haircut, in the end.


  1. I am pleased to hear that you had a lovely break - there's nothing like it, is there?

    I too am obsessed with sheer! But, being a bib-boobed girl, I am still trying to work out how to make it work on me. Maybe a few more gym sessions and some pretty but supportive bras will help me in my quest to go sheer, haha.

    With regard to Supre, I've actually been making friends with it this season...I never thought it would happen after my (very) short stint working there as a 19 year old in 2004, haha.

  2. Was wondering where you'd got to, missing your posts but a holiday is a great idea. You've also got me srarching for long skirts, thought I'd found one in Cotton On but will check out Supre.

  3. Guys, get in there. They have floorlength skirts in about ten different colours- I got a khaki one too! Hannah, sheer on top is tricky at the best of times! Sheer on the bottom is definitely a safer option, unless you want to show off a cool bra?
    Freya (stocked at Myer) do the most gorgeous bras for girls with great chests (I think their smallest size is a D!)- super pretty and really supportive!
    And M? Thanks ;) I'll try and keep 'em coming for you... the holiday was definitely needed though. About to get serious with my third chapter, wish me luck!

  4. I love the asos pants. They don't seem to be on the website anymore though. Amy chance you remember the name of them?

  5. O thanks! They're pretty sweet, huh. I actually bought them a few months ago so it's unlikely that they're still for sale but they're the asos white line, I think they were just called silk pants...? good luck x