Sunday, October 31, 2010

Today is brought to you by the letter 'H'

H for hair.
H for Hanneli.
H for 'hoo-boy!'

Hair on my mind, guys. To cut or not to cut. I can confidently say that neither pink and blue food dye nor shaving foam will be approaching my straggly red any time soon but that Michael Kors show knot right here? Hmmmmmmmmmm...

All images from Hanneli


  1. I just decided on 'not cut', recently. I'm not ready to say goodbye to my hair, or brave a fringe. (Although thanks to Resident Evil movie nostalgia I am sorely tempted to try this one on for size: ...if only I looked like Milla, too. Heh.)

  2. that's a great cut. I feel like you would have to do some maintenance on it to keep the waves nice and kempt? mussed is always good in my book, though. DO IT!

  3. I rarely brush my hair; high maintenance is not the go, for me!