Sunday, October 3, 2010

quit these pretentious things and just punch the clock

 Dear Cacharel Resort 2010,

I want you. Yes, I want you in all your colour-clashing, print-mashing glory.

Please come into my life and never, never leave. We can drink mimosas under palm trees and laugh at each other's jokes and hold hands surrepticiously in the movies when it's dark and no-one's looking.

I can't promise that all our days will be spilled-drink and wrinkle-free but I will protect you from moths (and mothballs) and vow to always have Sard Wonder Soap on hand. 

And we would be happy, Cacharel Resort 2010- o! you can't imagine how happy we could be.

I wait with held breath and high hopes,
Rosie x

Thanks for the photos,!


  1. Maybe we could organize a timeshare deal with the clothes, I need them too! :)
    ps. your logo/header image is awesome.

    - Matea

  2. Thanks! (and I-really-think-we-should. Liberty of London are selling the collection now- eep!)