Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Jade? Alexander.

A couple of weeks ago I was invited to name some 'must-haves' for summer for the Australian Women's Weekly's website. (That sentence looks strange to me but I think it's just the consecutive 'w's? Carry on.) It was a huge honour to be considered an authority by such a well-loved and widely read magazine and so I had to get creative, seeing as I usually pull the contents of my summer wardrobe from Vinnies, Bondi markets and my mum's wardrobe.

So instead of naming labels I went with items that are driving me crazy. In a nutshell, I'm feeling Seventies all the way- white crochet and lace, flopsy felt hats, straw baskets, leather sandals, dreamy floorlength skirts. With the one summer exception of the beach. For the beach, friends, it's got to be high waisted. I feel that the more the swimsuit screams '50s screen siren!' the better. I've been expending (too much?) energy trying to think how to style my hair so that it doesn't just look flat and long (as it usually does) because I think that looks kinda strange with the hourglass cossie. Maybe I'm investing too much energy into this, especially seeing as there is a stack of articles at my elbow demanding to be woven into new prose.

Anyway. I found some images to inspire and though I'm in the Dungeon today, and the only sunlight I can catch sight of is glimmering bravely through the 15cm wide medieval windows, I look at them and imagine I can hear the crashing of waves.

Disclaimer: this photo is not from Vogue. It's of me two years ago being silly in Nice. I got that vintage onepiece for FREE from a friend- it was in pristine condition, cotton, and even though it takes forevs to dry, it makes me feel fantastic. 

Images all from Vogue (Googled 'em) except for the last which was taken my my delightful travel buddy Carmen. 


  1. And for those who don't fit into standard-size swimwear, there's a plethora of crafty people on Etsy who will make custom-measured swimsuits in a variety of styles! I only know this because I have my eye on a few, myself. :)

  2. i have 3 and cannot live without them.
    they might actually be ALL you need for summer?