Sunday, October 24, 2010

in no particular order.

Gemma, if you ever decide to model again, I would be well pleased.

Feels the best ever.

 Heck yes we do.

 Me today. Drizzly, grey, TRAPPED AND ALONE. (But it's ok really, I have the model burnbook archives to keep me company and STELLA JUST CAME IN WITH COFFEE. I LOVE STELLA!)

The fingernail moon and Diana Diaphanous on their wedding day. Many happy returns.

Girl's got it goin' on.

I was gonna cut my hair. . . but then I changed my mind.

 Spent much of this day reading other people's Tumblrs. I'm ok with that but my eyes are covered in hazy-white film right now. oops. All images are poached from the woods of model burnbook and rock n' roll requiem.

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