Saturday, October 23, 2010

I want to wreck my stockings in some jukebox dive.

Heyo. Saturday afternoon- did you see the sky gathering its fist in a thunderstorm punch? Deep blue- who has words for the colour? Like the colour midnight blue would be if it shone in mid-afternoon, slightly confused by the brightness of day, a dusky interloper who is out of place but mighty nonetheless. Heavy individual droplets are the best kind of rain, I think. They're so decisive in their weight- 'yes, here I am, person who is hurrying home. Yes, you are too late. See me drop myself with glee all over your white cotton singlet- bad choice, lady! HA HA!' Sort of portly and malevolent?


I have some new blogs to introduce you to and apologies if you know them already. Some are more style bloggy than others. Let's go.

Numero Uno: Oh Jamie.

In a nutshell, Jamie is a guy blogger from the Melburbs (o wordplay.) If there was such a word as 'edgy-cool' in a dictionary somewhere, the definition would include a link to his blog. He makes black look never-ordinary and he has the rockin'est haircut I've seen in a while. It's better if you go read him for yourself because he gets invited to cool parties with cool Melbourne people and he takes rad photos and all I can offer you is made-up words and self-deprecation. Be back soon?

Numero Duo: Model Burnbook

Another daily-basis-read blog got me switched on to Cailin's last week. She's a Canadian model working in Tokyo writing about her life over there. She is hilarious, dry as a martini. She has what I would call a 'smart mouth' if I was a disapproving Ma from the Deep South. I might clock her over the head if she spoke like that in my house, young lady, but as it is, the girl is sassy and I can't help but like her. The excerpts of conversation with other models that she relates are achingly amazing. 
And I quote:

so, will we be wearing those track pants to the club tonight...?
yes, i don't care about fashion. i'm not 'fashionable'.
humor me...what do you do with all the free clothes you get from shows?
i give them to the Red Cross.
you give Marc Jacobs and Versace to the Red Cross.
yes, it looks weird.

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