Saturday, October 16, 2010

I might as well wish for the moon.

Let's play a game in which money does not exist and there is no such thing as 'we don't ship to Australia.' (And can I just add that if you live in the States, there is no-one who won't ship to you. I hope you know how lucky you are and that you never take your geographical advantage for granted.) 

In this game, we have fast-forwarded to some time in 2011 when the first Australian Zara store has already opened its doors and just for good measure we are fast-forwarding past the opening month by a few weeks to avoid the breathless hysteria and clothes-snatching that will undoubtedly ensue. In this dreamy-time, Topshop is has also opened shop. And ASOS has opened a bricks-and-mortar store around the corner from my house where everything is available in AUD and, um, they inexplicably send me monthly samples of everything sheer, floor-length, and/or blush, khaki, black or navy blue of hue.

Ok, and in this world, I already own all of the following:

Pamela Love sterling silver and obsidian arrow-head ring.

 To our friends who have five zillion Zaras in their neighbourhood and are all blase about the stock and all like 'aw, I kinda like H&M better cause, you know, yeah' I say- be that as it may. But until you try to buy a star-crossed skirt online and accidentally click the locality button that tells the Zara powers-that-be that you live in the Philippines so that every item is priced in pesos and the descriptions are in Filipino rather than English so you don't even know if you're looking at a (sweaty, nasty) polyblend or a(n easy-breezy) cotton number, you don't know what tough is.
Is there any way to buy Zara online? I even tried to Google it but I ended up on a weird forum espousing the virtues of online buying. Way aheada ya, guyz.

These may look like mumsy driving moccasins to you. And heck, they might just be. But all I want to wear this summer are these very shoes. Picture them with short shorts, friends. Or casually slipped on under the black sheer maxi skirt that I just bought from asos. 
And yet- cue violins- the tyranny of distance strikes again. The company should be named Minnetonka-by-Mail-unless-you-live-in-Sydney-Australia-sucks-to-be-you-Rosie-Findlay instead of just Minnetonka-by-Mail, it's kinda misleading, no?

Andi clogs from Topshop. I like that they don't look so cloggy, they're more wedgey. More wedgey is always better than more cloggy in my book. SIGH.


  1. Hey Fash, if you want to buy Zara, try a mail forwarder which gives you a UK address, apparently this one is good;

    :) xx

  2. Cupcake, you may have made my khaki-coloured dream come true! thank thanks thanks x