Sunday, October 3, 2010

but they're only / echoes.

What I think of the latest Comme des Garcons collection shown recently in Paris doesn't really matter. I can't afford the clothes and even if I could, the range selected for the few shops that even sell the label in Australia would probably only run the safest garments- the A-line white skirt, perhaps, and maybe the suits with black lines through them. You can forget about the upside-down jacket skirts, though, and the multiple fabricked jackets. But that's okay because I can look and look and look online until my heart's content. I find myself leaning forward, peering at the screen- is that a latex bustier dress? What are those long-tongued black shoes and how the heck can I DIY them with black socks to the same effect?

I present to you my own edit of the collection, completely and totally selected due to personal preference and if you want more, go to because they do thorough coverage like nobody's business.

 Gettaloadof the jacket- ruffles! checkerboard! contrasting lengths! It has so much going on that you could almost not wear anything else with it an no-one would notice (almost.) 
It speaks to me of someone who doesn't quite know who they are or what they want- they want everything all at once but are too uncertain to call it one way or the other. So they oscillate. And somehow, in the motion and movement, they find a way to have it all anyway.

 This is incredible. The whole look. It makes my heart fill just looking at it.

 Her left arm is censored!

 The jacket is literally binding her, and I don't mean in the way that clothing customarily encloses one's body. This black band draws her arms in almost imperceptibly, restricting her and creating a negative space in the centre of her body. Don't you find your gaze drawn to that black line at the expense of the deftly cut suit underneath?

 'Marcia and Sally were so close it was like they were joined at the head.' 
O. . .wait.

This actually blows my mind wide open. I don't know how it works, construction-wise- are the dresses connected through panelling on the back? CdG does conjoined twins. But o! It's eerie and sad and strong all at once. 
The fibres between their heads looks like thoughts that they're sharing- intense, intertwined thoughts that almost have a life of their own, that literally accommodate the distance between their two minds. A cobweb stream of ideas that stretch and fill the space between them.

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