Friday, October 1, 2010

anatomy of an outfit post.

It's harder than it looks. . . even with a proper camera and a tripod. 
Let me walk you through it.

So first of all, I appear to have no head. 

Hey! My head is back- and here I am with my Scanlan & Theodore pleated cotton skirt and a Bassike singlet. I made the flower headband last summer with my cousin Isabel.

Whoa, hold on! Where'd the sun go? This was literally taken one minute after the last one. I did nothing to either the camera or the sun and yet- shadowlands. The light playing on the bookshelf is kinda cool though, am I right?

Close-up of the headband! 

I never figured out a way to show my little green boots as well so. . . um. . . that explains this shot.

Ready. . .



  1. ahaha - you're awesome. AND totally right! Tripods and timers are so difficult!! This is why I enlist the boy. You know what though? There is something charming about the strange crops and luck-of-the-draw lighting.

  2. hey weird!I thought I posted a comment.. but came back for a ps and it hasn't appeared??

    Just wanted to say I love the photos - and that the whole self-timer tripod thing is so difficult!!

    also - check out Garance's latest post thought it might be useful?