Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Ain't no consolation prize.

 My highly developed theory about why these looks are both so right is this: the secret is in the proportions. A big furry hood and a shorter skirt striketh the balance just as an ankle-skimming blush-pink number is pinned down ever so carefully by the cropped biker and the mustard coloured bow. Proportions. 

 Dear floorlength dress the colour of a desert storm. 
Won't you please wend your way to me?

 You are: kneelength cream socks open to DIY. I am: handy with a hot glue gun. Together we'd make sequins, baby.

 Let me tell you a story. My primary school had a sister school in Japan and each year they would gift our Year Six classes with unpainted kokeshi dolls so we could  paint them and learn about Japanese culture and, you know, stuff. Except for the year that I was in Year Six when, inexplicably, the kokeshi dolls never came. 
Determined that we have the kokeshi-doll-making-experience, our teacher gave each one of us a polystyrene ball, a toilet paper roll and some origami paper. They weren't perfect, nay, nor elegant but geez they had a lotta heart. And pocky skin where the ink in the textas we used to give them faces had scored into the polystyrene. 
So maybe it's time, after all these years, to finally join the Big League with a proper Chanel version. (That's an easy jump, right?) (And look at me, talking as if I live in a world where I can afford Chanel! Ha! Ha ha! I can't even justify to myself the expense of their $40 nailpolishes even though I've been staring at the khaki collection like I have a wall-eye.)

Christine Centenera, repreZENTin' in her Dion Lee. She looks like such a cutesie button. 
(Thanks to Nicky who introduced me to this awesoriffic phrase.)

 I don't know who she is but I know this: her eyebrows are fantastic. And is that a watchface brooch between the wingtips of her collar? 

 My new friend with the eyebrows! I like how she's married the colour of her blouse to the pattern in her skirt (I find that such harmony is tricky to find unless you're buying a whole 'look' from within a collection. Anyway. . .) And I also like how her top button is buttoned up- kinda of an unusual choice these days but it looks so prim and sweet!

 I have no words to add to the perfection of this image. Just- sigh.

It's like her blouse came from a crazy bohemian family whose parents were spoken word poets and didn't believe in society cause society didn't believe in them, and her coat grew up in the 'burbs and took piano and violin just to cover all of its bases, you know, classically musically speaking. But then they met and, heck, sparks just flew, and who knew that acid-dropping brights and straighty-one-eighty beige would be SO SO RIGHT TOGETHER???

Cool hair, Freja. 
Every day is one day closer to the hairdresser's chair and I tell you, readers- I'm excited to make the change.

All images by Tommy Ton


  1. I keep coming so close to buying those nailpolishes...before remembering that I don't wear nailpolish.

  2. If you like, you could buy them and I'll wear them for you? Don't mention it, I live for others.