Monday, October 4, 2010

After needing you so long.

OK so while I'm poaching for my imaginary wardrobe- have you had a glance at Cerruti's recent Paris show yet? Um.

The trousers get more sheer as they head south- can you see that? 
More. Sheer. 

 I think if the concept of perfection was sewn together and draped on someone's body, it would look much like this.

 I don't know if I like the graduated sheer of the dress or the high-waisted knickers better. 

And while we're talking of sheer, I think I have uncovered my newest mania. Remember these trousers?

And this skirt?

 And, um. Phoebe Philo recently showed these dream pants on the Celine catwalk in Paris:

I believe that they are essentially the same pants in each shot but each one shows them in a slightly different way, don't you think? Or maybe I'm just lovestruck.

And I actually found myself contemplating dropping almost $100 on this American Apparel skirt:

Not that $100 is out-of-this-world expensive. But it was 100% polyester, friends, and in summer, polyester is nobody's friend. I saved my pennies because I decided it wasn't sheer enough, in the end. And so the search continues. . .

Images from here and here and here.

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