Monday, October 18, 2010


Good Monday morning (sunny and fine.) 
My (excellent) Plan A (that I was so looking forward to) was thwarted by the bank and a delayed pay cheque so my (less excellent but no less studious) Plan B has to be kicked into gear. This plan involves: a short walk to the Arc, a long day in the Arc, finally writing (eep) and finding some sure-to-be fantastic books among the library shelves. I am willing them to be there, hoping that the chancey roulette of finding a book that's supposedly "available" in the stacks falls in my favour today.

But first I'll take you back briefly over my Saturday afternoon, simply because I can. What to do when your pay hasn't populated and you're penniless? You know where this is going.


And then I repaired to the bedroom.

 I love this necklace, it looks to me like a piece of petrified sea foam. It's by A.D., bought at Alice Euphemia last time I was in Melbourne. Minerals and raw crystals in jewellery- I have a feeling about this, guys. I think it's going to be huge, you heard it here first.

The dress was a gifted vintage black lace one, the crimson boots gifted vintage DKNY. The knick-knackery is some of my costume and not-costume jewellery.

The face of a woman with $3.62 in the bank. Don't judge me. All right, you can judge if you want- I need to be better at saving and budgeting, I know. 
Resolution 1: be better at managing money. 
Resolution 2: Improve at photography. 
Resolution 3: Go do some good writing today.

So heigh-ho heigh-ho it's off to the Arc I go. . .


  1. Happy Monday!! Love the outfit shots. I love a little haphazard cropping :)
    Also - totally impressed you can be so churpy and witty on a Monday morning. Want to share the secrets?

  2. Thanks! I'll pretend for now that the 'haphazard cropping' was deliberate. . .

    Apparently I am a 'morning person.' I can't help it, I wake up feeling cheerful! It drives my housemate crazy.

  3. That dress, on you, makes for a lovely silhouette.