Tuesday, September 21, 2010

a kind of letter, kind of late-night-ramble. BYO midnight feast.

dare you to tell her she has a galleon in her hair.

Hey hi!
Sorry for being more like an invisible friend than a virtual friend lately- I have a presentation to give this Friday afternoon, so have been spending more time reading printed words than world wide webbed words this week. My eyes haven't known what to think of the sudden absence of backlighting but their relief is palpable.
As for the presentation: lots of ideas are turning to their own mysterious ends and I am planning ways to be engaging without simply reading out my favourite Style Rookie posts. . .  I have been remembering lately the deep satisfaction that comes from consistently working hard. It is a hard-won pleasure, but it makes clocking off all the sweeter. I have been noticing a lot of parallels between ancient public spheres and the blogosphere which is kind of strange and yet strangely wonderful at the same time. Maybe I'll write them down here one day. . . or maybe I'll hoard them up so that you have to plough through my finished doctorate to read them (suckers!) Ha, and here's me imagining you biting your nails anxiously, all 'geez Rosie! I can't wait that long!' 

Ok, so I also have to share a couple of developments: firstly. As you know, the seasons have changed. This has affected my dressing because now if I am tempted to put on something spring-like and potentially go bare-legged, I suddenly think of my woollen vintage dresses, my beloved jersey dealbreakers and my assortment of coats and remember that if I forsake them now, I won't be able to wear them for another seven or so months. Opportunity lost! I guess it gives the term 'sensible dressing' a whole new meaning, am I right? 
secondly. Was hanging with my Grandma the other day and she was showing me her new digital camera, bought for a song at a big department store in Sydney (ok, so it was David Jones but now I feel like I'm giving them free advertising and I'm not their biggest fan anymore because their staff are always unneccessarily snooty.) It made me long, for the millionth time, for a camera and I have decided that I am just going to go get one. Yes, blogosphere! And it only took about four years of deliberation! So I am going to go get one after my presentation is done and dusted. And then. . . I promise to get better at taking self-style photographs so I can show you some of my clothes that I love. Including a new vintage onepiece I bought off my friend Danielle about a month ago for $10 which is, how do you say, TO DIE FOR and I want to show you all of my Ed&Bek stuff because it is gorgeous and deserves to be visually preserved (I did a Google Image search to illustrate the ad for Bek's sale the other day but there is a dire lack. Yes, dire (great word, huh? should be used more, don't you think?)) 
thirdly. I have literally worn my Ferragamo loafers to death. They are dead. And when I wear them (yes, I am still wearing them, yes I am ashamed, but I hate shoe-shopping. I am picky like nobody's business, thank you) they shroud my feet in resentment, it's unbearable.
And on that note I sign off! Hopefully the next time we get together I can show you some new shoes in a photo from my new camera and you can be all 'you got a camera? welcome to the digital age!' and I can be all like 'thanks, thanks, thanks!'

ps. I think the image is by Tim Walker.


  1. Hey I am Stella's friend - she linked me to your blog - which I am totally loving. Good luck for the presentation Friday! Is it open to other faculty folk? I'd love to see the products of your hard work.

  2. thanks! you're welcome to come along if you'd like! Stella has the details, or feel free to email me and I'll pass them along :) can't promise it will be the most riveting twenty minutes of your life, though. . . be warned. . . ;)

  3. I know what you mean about still wearing destroyed favourite shoes. I have these lovely oxfords (which were only $50 and thus poor quality) and one of them has a horizontally cracked sole... and even though I almost tripped over today due to said sole... I still wear them almost every day. I will continue to do so until I can find an identical pair or they disintegrate on my feet.