Wednesday, August 4, 2010

sorry if you've found this blog by googling the song lyrics I've used as post titles.

But a big hey hi to my fellow Kooks, Bon Iver and Band of Horses lovers! Let me quietly inform you that your taste in music is impeccable.

This, too, is impeccable:

This literally did stop me in my tracks the other night. I think we all need a little more Spice Girls tomfoolery in our lives in these trying times, wouldn't you agree?

I feel I have given you lightweight posts lately. I'm going to leave my 'real' life offline where it belongs, never fear, but suffice it to say that a lot has been going on for this fashademic (ew, third person!) lately which has spirited my thoughts far, far from this white page with a big faceheel at the top. Sorry everyone. (The fact that I feel guilty about not blogging posts that are 'good enough' is a whole other post waiting to happen!)

But some less-weighty items for your feigned interest are: found a pair of skinny bassike jeans (HALF-PRICE, can I get a woop yeah?) in stone blue and they're all kinds of fantastic.  I'll take this moment to tell you that I haven't owned a proper pair of jeans since. . . well. . . wow. I'm not really sure! I've been more of a tights-under-dresses type dresser during winter- even in my one Torontonian winter!- so this purchase was a big deal for me. 

 Believe it or not, this is actually the best of all the photos I took of the new jeans. Don't think I'm not ashamed.

(NB: I do have some silence + noise jeans-leggings (and I double dare anyone to utter the word 'jeggings' to me when I wear them!) but they are not really denim- they're kind of elastic-infused. And they have an elasticated waistband. And no pockets at the front, so this judge and jury is declaring 'no jeans.')

And I "DIY'ed" a fantstic but difficult to wear jumpsuit into a fantastic and everyday-awesome jacket and paperbag trousers! The jumpsuit was reminiscent of a mechanic's all-in-one,  all heavy cotton drill and wide sleeves, which was fabulous and cut to perfection, but in such a magnificent royal blue that I knew I could never get away with it all at once. So even though I can't cut in a straight line (never have been able to, probably never will, can't fight it, it's how I am) I took my scissors to 'em and- delight.

This is what I wore to Bible study tonight. I felt like going crazy mismatch so on it all went. You can't see my spotted turban in this one but there was one, you'd better believe it! In this image I am contorting my legs and torso to fit as much of my self into the frame as possible. Some would say that that's an art.

Extreme close-up! 

This is about the best image of the jacket that I could manage. One of these days I'll take the paperbag trousers out for a trot and post some awful twisted photos of me in them too but for now feast your eyes on . . .

My incandescent turban!!!!!!

I've also trawled a bunch of databses to unearth dozens of articles on blogging and individuality to keep me warm during these gale-force days. Every day brings me one day closer to glasses!

And there's a scheme cooking up that may involve you, your coffee habit, and gumboots so hang on to your hats! And if you live in Sydney- literally hang on to your hats. I thought my bed was going to be whisked away last night like Dorothy's in The Wizard of Oz.

OK everyone. It's late, I've got a date with the library tomorrow, and I promise to be a better blogger and throw some more interesting non-me-focused topics to you very soon!

Clothes Inventory:
Ed and Bek DIY'ed jacket; vintage Emmanuel Ungaro silk T-shirt; secondhand leopard print nightie; topshop pant/tights things; Wittner heels; loveheart bracelet from Tess; turban made up out of an old silk scarf.


  1. I saw one near Glebe Point Road that said STOP and underneath it in small print - collaborate and listen.

  2. The wind in the city is driving me insane. My felt cloche blew off and into a puddle the other day. Not good!