Friday, August 27, 2010

my hundred and fifth post, or how style bloggers continue to take over the world.

First item on the agenda: so I was flicking through Teen Vogue the other day. I think we've already had the chat about my unashamed affection for this mag? The colourful, clashy-print styling and fresh all-American locations are distinctive and fun- I can leave the Lindsay Lovato/Miley Duff/Joe Pattinson articles though. But maybe that's what your average 15 y.o. Ameriteen wants to buy. (To adapt an old Playboy defense- 'I only buy it for the editorials!') So I was flicking through Teen Vogue the other day- and well, well, well what did I find? This!

Coverage on a Coach collab between Karla (s' Closet), Emily and Krystal with fully glossy pictures of the bags each blogger designed and a photo of them, courtesy of their blogs. Interestingly, Kelly of The Glamourai who also designed a bag didn't get a look in- not "Vogue" enough? Pure speculation. But I just flicked over to her blog and-! Yes, I like it very much. Finding a new blog I like is similar to hitting it off with a new friend- something just clicks into place and two hours later you're reading what they wrote in February last year and it feels like you've known them forever. This is probably a significant point for the old t-hesis- anyone else feel this way when reading blogs?

Second item on the agenda: back to Teen Vogue and hey, who's this? O HAI Susie! I see you, acting as style-spiration (where do these anodyne fashionese words come from? And why is my brain infected with them, why?) with your floral pants and your bloggy je ne sais quoi. 

Third item on the agenda: back to the merry old land of Oz. Bunda have enlisted Alexandra Spencer of 4th and Bleeker to be their spokesmodel. I don't know if you can read the tiny print but the text is written in the style of a blogpost: chatty, informal, a bit tongue in cheek, and rife with product placement. Although being an advertisement, it can't really be termed 'placement', I suppose, because the whole point is the product. I don't know how many bloggers would be able to afford strings of South Sea pearls- are they really your target, Bunda?- but I suppose they're trying to step into the youth market and what better way than by co-opting the brands of bloggers whose identities reinforce the brand of the company. So, cool, wealthy, young, jet-setting types: Bunda wants your business.

Fourthly- and we are not surprised, are we, because he is a 'superblogger' after all- but Tommy Ton has done an interview at Dazed Digital. Read it here. Canadian department store Holt Renfrew has featured his photographs in an exhibition- remember Holts from way back when? It looks like the opening involved Tommy taking photographs of the feet of guests who stood on a mat printed to look like cobblestones. As in, (for those who don't yet check jak&Jil on a daily basis) to imitate his photos. And there he is below, playing along- wow. It's just so... weird? Actually imitating his own work at his own exhibition (art) which is held in a fashion department store (commerce) in which both Holts and Ton benefit from the other's branded identity and prestige. And caught up in it, with their delighted grins and their Balenciaga Motorcycle bags are the punters- possibly also his readers- who will quaff some wine and go home happy that their Jimmy Choos were snapped by a bona fide Fashion Person (who, as SNP points out, used to work at Holts in the holidays as a part-time job and is a self-taught photographer.) This blogging game, ain't it strange!

Fifthly, if you are interested in what Tavi had to say about her ideaCity talk (which I blogged about the other day) you can find an interview with her at the Dazed website too. And just to round out the world dominance, the Tavi and Tommy Ton interviews were both conducted by another blogger (slash fashion journalist) Sarah Nicole Prickett.

So ends today's trading. Is anyone else's head spinning?

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