Saturday, August 14, 2010

come as you are

A bit of Kristen McNenamy, Naomi Campbell and friend


+ a fashion tribute to grunge's first family

+ Hole

+ a little extra Courtney (cause can you ever have enough?)

= one outfit for a grungey grunge birthday party (with scrunched newspapers in the hallway, pillar candles dripping white wax, neon lollies, red wine in plastic cups and Nirvana on repeat on the stereo)

 Vintage lace nightie, old bra, mYpetsQuare spotted vest (i've never understood the arbitrary capitalisations in the name of this label- anyone care to explain?), flanno from Vinnies, old tights I DIY'ed the tears and ladders into, green vintage boots from Melbourne. 
Though detailing this outfit is practically redundant. I'm pretty sure part of the whole ethos of grunge style is that it has no labels, is icky, old and loved/lived-in. Unless you're the proud owner of some Marc Jacobs for Perry Ellis in which case . . . as you were.
But life is always better with friends and here is us on the street afterwards.


And if we formed a band this would be the cover of our debut album.

What was great were the reactions of people I encountered before arriving at the party. Like the guy working at the bottle-o who looked at me with barely concealed laughter and asked if I was up to anything much tonight. (With a full face of smeary make-up, unwashed hair and a bra worn outside my nightie.) I should have been deadpan and cool and told him that I was just going to kick back, y'know, unwind after a long week, but instead I got embarrassed, briefly explained the party's theme and hurried outside to call Paul to ask how far away he was because I was getting weird stares. And not the kind I normally get, like when I wear a rainbow of colours, but more of the 'is she completely insane?' ilk. Funny in retrospect. At the time, I felt like I was about to be lynched.

All in all, a good night!

Photos from Google. Obvz didn't take them or own the rights to them. The ones of me are not from Google, but from my housemate's camera. They weren't taken at the party but in our garage cause we were disorganised.

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