Tuesday, July 6, 2010


hey hi. Monday, how?

I'm ready to be studious, and I'm actually really excited to get back into my work! There are a couple of articles I want to be working on for potentially submitting to academic journals (o me o my. Feel like a grown-up all of a sudden) and I have library books to read as well as the submitted chapter beginning to revise! Fully expect to spend much of the first reread cringing at what I said but them's the breaks.

But to more important matters*: fashioning a turban out of an old silk sash. Failing to find the aforementioned Prada turban on eBay and even after a half-hearted Google search, I have decided to be clever and to 'dress from my wardrobe' (FASHIONESE HAS INFILTRATED MY BRAIN! SOMEBODY HELP ME!)

Ok, so be nice now. How do we feel . . . about this?

This is what I wore out to get coffee just then. As in, haven't-finished-drinking-it-just-then. Cause, geez, what's the fun in a crazy theatrics outfit if you don't get to see people's masked stares, am I right?
The reaction of the lovely barista who made my skim cap- "wow. Who are you?" 
Me: Uh. . . *CONFUSION* I'm. . . Rosie?" (and we've introduced ourselves before. Awk-ward!) 
Him: No, I said 'how are you?'


But when he gives me my coffee- 'here you go, fabulous nobody.' Yeah he did! Think it must have been the killer combo of the bright turquoise and bright pink and bright indigo and the ever-amazing dealbreakers (grey marle today) that did it.

For your viewing pleasure/revulsion/whatevz.

How cool am I, guyz? With my goofy posing and waving at you and doing a Fonzie eh+finger gun? See what I did, guyz! (ps. one of the many, many things I love about dealbreakers is that you can drag 'em up towards your knees to exaggerate the pouf around your thighs! More drama= heck yes!)

Look at all that glorious fabric! *swoon*

Being a bit chilly outside, I chucked my sass+bide for Topshop chambray parka on top.

PS. that's a springbok skin rug underfoot. I'm sorry.

It may have been the caffeine coursing rapidly through my veins but walking around the 'hood in my newly styled turban and bright colours and dealbreakers and parka that I love but don't wear that much (it's a bit of a tricky length, truth be told- you've got to get the proportions right or you look like an extra from MC Hammer's 'Can't Touch This' video) I just felt glorious. Theatrical. Eccentric. Happy. 

And I love that clothes have this chameleonic quality, that they lend themselves to your emotions. An awesome new friend at uni is also doing her PhD on fashion and she wrote this to me in an email on the weekend, which really sums everything up perfectly:

but yes, I totally get the wearing of beloved clothes as route to happiness thing. and also the way a given day can be totally shaped by its outfit – in my head it’s kind of part of my whole clothes-as-space thing, like the outfit fits out the space of the body-self (which in turn is linked to the clothing-ego. . . or rather is the action of its creation) for a given purpose/mood – it’s like renovating your head/body-space on a daily basis. 

Girlcrush on your brain, Stella!

Anatomy of the outfit: old silk sash I salvaged from Mum's chuck-out pile when we moved house one time (fascinating story, eh?) worn as turban, second-hand Emmanuel Ungaro silk t-shirt, Bassike t-shirt worn underneath, Bassike dealbreakers, sass+bide for Topshop parka.

 *JOKES! Don't kick me out of the program, Sydney Uni?


  1. I love the sash!turban. Although I still don't understand dealbreakers. I feel that, along with harem pants and bodysuits, I never will.

    I do understand the Springbok rug, though. Mm...fur.

  2. I am totes stealing the turban idea - do you recall our convo the other week:
    Jess: OMG I HAVE to get myself a turban like the one Carrie wears with the Halston dress!!!
    Ok, so that's less of a conversation and more of a statement. Nonetheless, I am stealing it. But I will credit you accordingly.