Thursday, July 8, 2010

your crowning glory.

As someone who used to wear a tea cosie as a beanie in winter, I am hardly one to criticise anyone's choice of headwear. (The charming schoolyard chant 'Rosie the tea cosie' still echoes in the wind from time to time but that's another story.)

But- and a big But that is completely subjective but borne of weariness of the eyes- I'd rather see a little less of this:

and a little more of this:

if we're talking about the black and felt variety.

And not because neat black hats don't look striking over long, dishevelled hair but because it seems that every indie girl worth her battered lace-up boots is rocking this look on Sydney's streets at the moment, and my eyes are thirsting for some variety.

In fact, in the interests of seeing something new, I have trawled through old issues of Lula to snap some of the choicest options in head attire that the young ladies of Sydney might consider when next getting dressed. Just trying to be helpful. It's what I do, it's what I live for.

Mary's got it going on.

Her hat's all mariachi dance party and her sensible sandals are all 'going to my walking club with Edna and Sally-Ann' but I like it!

One of my proudest life moments was when some hoon yelled "RANGA!" out of his car as he drove past me in Coogee. This photo makes me think of that moment. . .

Simply lovely.
If all else fails, (all the) Sydney ladies, a simple dishevelled plait with that dishevelled hair works a treat.

Top image from the Evil Twin lookbook on Studded Hearts
Next image by Norman Parkinson from National Portrait Gallery online
All others snapped by me from the pages of old Lulas except for the ones of Alexa Chung and everyone's favey-dave nanny, Mary Poppins, which were from Google.


  1. Yay for wearing mouse ears!

  2. I love this post tea cosie! P.s I hope I didn't scar you too much with what I thought was a witty nickname (it was in year 7!).