Wednesday, July 28, 2010

synonymous with hot air balloons, Orient Expresses, powder, crinolines and boxing gloves.

You actually need to go to Jak&Jil to see the full collection of images that Tommy Ton took backstage at John Galliano during the recent Mens' Paris Collections. As per the reposting of The Sart's Jazz Age photos earlier in the week, I have selected my favourites to share with you here. Which is every other photo, basically. Enjoy. . .


This shot makes me think of 'Un Chien Andalou'. I think it's a combination of the exposed white of his eye, his Dali-esque clipped moustache and the proximity of the scissor blades. All we need for the perfect re-creation is a quick cut to a moon slipping through cloud (SLICE!)

These images strike me as extremely masculine despite the gendered activity happening around the models, obviously here the usually feminine practice of applying make-up. It seems almost as if the 'feminine' aspect only serves to underline their manhood, in that it persists despite their soft curls, reddened lips and smoky eyes. 
Theirs is a particular refined masculinity hearking back to the 1920s, verging on a Modern dandyism. 
The tulle veils are an exquisite touch.

There is a timeless beauty to the stillness and contours of his profile. Couldn't he be a bust in the Louvre or something? And only the woman taking a digtal photo in the background and the dresser's 70's shirt locate him in the present. But- o! The boater, the tulle. His red lips and cheeks. His pallor and his tan. Galliano, it's a visual feast you have dreamt up! And proven here by Tommy Ton that there is as much to fascinate a viewer backstage as on the catwalk.

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