Monday, August 2, 2010

sometimes it seems it would be easier to cut and run.

Gratuitous horse photo!

Sorry for the lack of blogging lately, friends. I have been spring cleaning (hoping it will bring spring sooner? Trans-seasonal seasons are my favourite kind), baking pistachio and rosewater biscuits and seeing sideshow concerts with various lovely friends (Band of Horses! Midlake!)
I've also started researching the next chunk of thesis- situating my research within existing debates about new media, technology, blogging and a host of other 2.0 topics that I'm only familiar with by virtue of using them. Cue lots of database trawling and note-taking from books with fifty subtitles in every chapter (I'm not complaining, best to bricka-break it down for a newb like me!) I feel like a cake recipe- check with me in six months and see if these half-baked ideas have firmed into something sustaining. . .

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