Tuesday, July 13, 2010

porcelain bones, silken senses and palpitating hearts.

I saw Ricardo Tisci's Haute Couture collection for Givenchy and my first reaction was "freakin wow." 

It is as though he has drawn the skeleton out from underneath its everyday womb of muscle, flesh and fat and has appliqued it into fabric- the network of bones radiating out and branching into recognisable shapes- the diminishing arch of a ribcage, the gentle swell of a woman's hips, the armour-like jut of shoulder blades.

What blows my mind about this dress is the way that Natasha Poly's body becomes part of it- the vision and form of her skin and limbs through the dress literally give it it's shape, and brings its meaning to life. She might as well be dressed from the inside out. 
On a side note, the perfection of the fit makes me ache a little.

See how the feathers melt into being out of the fabric? 

From a lace skeleton we see muscle added to the form- the feathers and construction of this jacket are like sinews exposed to the air, visually as meaty, as latently powerful as flesh.

I can't actually articulate how this look makes me feel. Try to deconstruct a gasp and you will understand my difficulty.

This is like skin to me. Her skeletal form is rendered invisible though the construction of  garments that hint at her shape, that there is form and order underpinning the loveliness that we see. 
The lace puts me in mind of the network of cells that make up skin- this is a surface composed of a minute and exact of cells, each perfect and contained. Together there is a unified whole, but brought into being by a thriving microcosm. 
(Does this even make sense? I would never have thought I would one day regret dropping high school science because I would need biological words to help me describe an haute couture collection!)

 Would you just look at the spine detail!

 The construction of this look is exquisite.
See the perfect symmetry of it? The way that she is framed by the clothing?

To pull a Tavi: hfegfef efbxhlsbdljwGD LYGXWYTXBE KWHJHygfwewf wyggyewq
(Translation: my mind is completely and utterly blown apart. And my heart is actually aching at the perfection, vision and realisation of this collection. It is just too. much.)

Thank you.

Thank you.

All images from style.com

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