Tuesday, July 13, 2010

only love is all maroon.

To continue the Haute Couture love-in (though Givenchy's collection had by far and away the most personal impact), here are my favourite looks as shown by Karl Lagerfeld at Chanel. Sometimes I love what Kaiser Karl does, sometimes I feel choked by the saccharine lace and austere boucle creations. That's not to say that they aren't wonderful in their way, but that they are a contrast to the times, such as this very time, that I am building a wild wishlist in my head and devising ways to recreate the looks with my own wardrobe. (This time it's kind of possible!!! HURRAH!)

Let's begin:

Excuse me while I scrape myself up off the floor. Desperate perfection. The boots with the featured toe, the colour, the fit, the shape, her messy hair and her insouciant expression.

A glamour from another time. The high, cropped fit of the coat around the torso is beautifully juxtaposed by the full swing skirt. 

Red again. The only colour I want on me all of a sudden. It makes me think of these lovely photographs of Miroslava Duma on hanneli.com

(p.s. this Lanvin dress? This Lanvin dress? I sigh a sigh.)

OK so obviously not quite the same shade of red, but the head to toe-ness of it? The bold warm rush of it? yes. yes. yes.

This dress is so wrong it's right- mutton sleeves! tweed! buttoned-down conservatism! totally concealed sexiness! It's all here, it's wonderful.

(I love the weird pose she's pulling in this shot! It's probably just a case of unfortunate timing, and she was about to turn to go back up the runway and the photog just happened to snap her then but- tee hee! Stiff swingy arms! Splayed legs! It looks like she's in the middle of the 'Thriller' dance. Love love it.)

And finally- and don't get any ideas, anyone- but finally. Best till last. If I ever get married, can I say my vows in this, please?

All images from style.com except the two of Miroslava Duma which are from hanneli.com

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