Friday, July 2, 2010

Lipstick kiss marks on your shoulder? You've been listening to Jeff Buckley again, haven't you?

hey hi and welcome all visitors who have found me through the SHOP website! What a lovely write up, I'm a-blushin' over here. And Mark, coincidentally the other day you mentioned that you're building a time machine so. . . let me know how that goes, ok? Can't promise you a million dollars for it but I might let you borrow my Chloe coat one time? Actually, I can't promise you that either. You can hold it maybe? We'll talk.


  1. Congrats on the Shop feature!
    Just discovered your gorgeous little blog and look forward to spending far too long reading your old posts. If you ever find that dream job let me know if there are any other openings (I'll bribe you with Prada gifts if need be!) wouldn't it be amazing... I pray for the day I can survive off writing and fashion..Ahh

    Little Miss CZ
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  2. Congratulations on the Shop Til You Drop article! The article led me to find your blog and I love it! Your posts are insightful and the images are relevant and gorgeous - well done!

    Definitely added to my feed!


    Danielle Lewis
    Brisbane Threads

  3. Thanks guys! I'm glad you like it:)

    And CZ? I never say no to a sneaky bribe, especially when there's Prada involved! If you can find that turban headband, there may even be an assistant lecturer position in it for you. . .