Saturday, July 3, 2010

I'm free to covet all I please.

Popped on over to The Clothes Horse and found. . . bonnets. Lace. Fields. Pantaloons. Seems I'm not the only one with a weather eye on all things Amish, eh Vogue Nippon? Although, to be fair, this is more Edwardian and Amish styles having a picnic at Hanging Rock than the purely horse-drawn, hay-baled, buttoned-up dreams I'm dreaming lately.

This shot reminds me of these shots from the Russh with Katie Fogarty on the cover that I didn't buy and now kick myself over not buying. 

This styling in this shoot also strongly smacked of an Amish sensibility. . . but with maybe more leg than usual?

 Love. This. Shot.

But back to Vogue Nippon. One last image:
There's a glorious antiques shop in the Blue Mountains called Victory Antiques which is housed in an old cinema which they have gutted and filled with stalls and stalls full of Norman Lindsay sketches (kill me now, whydon'tcha), Charles and Diana commemorative biscuit tins, bakelite jewellery and the cutest tucked-away vintage clothing selection. Sydney prices need not apply. Once I found an Edwardian silk blouse there, glass buttons running down the back, entirely handstitched, for eighteen dollars. Hyperventilated for a minute before I snatched it up and ran downstairs to throw some cold hard cash at the startled bespectacled vendor. And the image above? Puts me in mind of it.
 The fact that it's missing some buttons, and that the back hangs longer than the front only makes it more precious to me.

The only apt word is 'diaphanous.'

All. Handstitched. Maybe for you this isn't a big deal, but to someone who struggles to sew buttons back on (a fact I am not proud of) it is, as the French say, incroyable. And, for the record, I could have said 'incredible' but 'incroyable' is a better adjective for a Revolution-style blouse, I think.

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