Wednesday, June 9, 2010

You don't seem like a girl who needs to ask for directions.

Well, I haven't just been locking myself in the library. (But talking of libraries, I'm going to go to the State tomorrow, for the first time since Year 12! And this time I won't be there to surrepticiously check out boys study for my Modern history exam, so a lot has changed.)

I had an incredibly productive Saturday (I was hitting the uni email before 9am! BEFORE NINE AM!) and worked into the mix of house-cleaning, desk-drawer-emptying, article-downloading and colleague-emailing was a trip to Eveleigh Markets. I found: ornamental cabbage flowers in gelato shades of lilac and cream and soft green; smoked trout as flavoursome as in Canada (big call); rye spelt bread; Jerusalem artichokes (finally back in season!! The storeholder and I had a moment of recognition over my joy at this); organic eggs and spinach and apples and everything; and the beautiful Kate who was doing some research for a new book.

If you love food (and really, who doesn't?) and you love blogs, you should click your way to The Kitchen Inc. and let Kate woo you with her incredible photos and her lush recipes. Here's a photo she took of me- check out how sweet the flowers are! 

This here blog was also mentioned in a couple of mags this month- if you're a new reader, well hi! It's kind of wonderful but also kind of funny to see a screenshot of Fashademic in print!

Shop Til You Drop


But as for now, I have to sign off. Bel and I are settling down under blankets to eat Black Forest chocolate, watch 'Up In The Air', drink green tea (me) and be happy (both of us.) Night!


  1. Aaargh, don't you just hate that, you write an inspirational and thought provoking comment on someone's blog and a technical blunder renders your comment annihilated, obliterated, thrust into the far reaching void of cyberspace. Bum.

    Anyway, dilemma of reconjuring up my witticism over, here goes the recall.

    Wowsers (that sounded more acceptable first time round, now sounds a touch contrived, sorry, not meant to) you made it into print. How very well done, but I knew your blog was more professional, focussed, directed than mine. From the first read it was clear you had your subject and you were on it. Perhaps that is what makes a good blog, a clearly defined purpose.

    I think I'm getting wooly, perhaps I need a de-woolification, a time of rest and retuning to source, greater reflection on the paronymousness.

    Food for thought, but primarily congratulations R'Mary, good job on getting publishimified.

    Peas : )

  2. 1. I love smoked trout.
    2. Congratulations on getting published. You're pretty much a celebrity blogger now.
    3. I am getting a lot of amusement from the phrase "buyer's remorse" on the cover of shop til you drop.

    Much love!

  3. ha ha thanks :)

    I do hate that, yes! I also hate when you're eating dark chocolate from the fridge and it cracks into a zillion pieces when you bite into it and your computer keyboard gets littered with specks of chocolate. That melt as soon as you try to thumb them up. Grr.

    (your blog is wonderful too, fyi, and don't you go believing anything else!)

  4. Wow, congratulations Rosie! That's so cool!