Friday, July 2, 2010

wasn't cause i didn't know enough, babe. it's cause i knew too much.

Afternoon already?! This is what you get when you don't set an alarm on a Thursday: sleeping til midday.

All right tout le monde, another discovery of this week was I should have been all over this months (some might say years) ago, because it is a lovely blog created by model Hanneli Mustaparta. 
She appeared in an article on bloggers in the March issue of US Vogue with Tommy Ton, Garance Dore, Bryanboy and a number of other 'Vogue-worthy' bloggers and thus, shame shame shame on me for never looking until now. (And I call myself a fashademic-!)

Here she is in her latest post. Things I like about this photo: that you can see the silhouette of her legs through the skirt, like a secret everyone's in on; the way the sunlight is playing light and shade with the material; that she is wearing white Cons with so airy a dress; and the dark contrast her sleek hair and 'fanny pack' (worst name for a sartorial item ever? right up there with "jeggings" *shudder*) make against the pale dress/wall/air/pavement.

Things I like about Hanneli's blog: her photos are lovely. The people in her photos are interesting and interestingly attired. And that both of the above make my mind start firing off in a million directions, most of them ending up amongst the contents of my wardrobe. Consider these two:

What is there not to love about this photo?! Happy, smiling friends, great shoes, interesting style! And that jumpsuit made my thoughts swim back two years to summertime in Paris and this little lovely-

-my favey navy vintage Cacharel jumpsuit that I found at the flea markets in Montmartre. All of a sudden what I have to wear. Have to wear. (And, for those of you who have met me in the past year, this is what I look like with my "real" hair colour. Let's hear a whoo-whoo for ash blondes!)

It's been a while since I've stumbled upon a style blog that makes me reconsider what (and how) I want to pile on in the morning, so Hanneli has rocketed to my everyday reads. I spent about three hours poring over her archives. So. In short. Um. . .  yeah.

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