Thursday, July 1, 2010

i'll end it though you started it.

my style icon is anyone who makes a bloody effort.  isabella blow

This was my scribble page at work the other day. Full of things that jumped out at me throughout the day. Maybe not so interesting to you but let me draw out the salient points. . .

Dealbreakers demystified! And I quote: "and donning a pair of harem style sweat pants is risky and extremely hard to pull off and there lies the mystery behind their appeal."  Adjou Gharban in Glossy (online) magazine. Skeptics, take note.

There is a magazine currently in existence in the world called Meat Paper. Meat Paper. And it's all about meat (did you see that coming?) If the website is anything to go by, it promises to be a cracking good read! And what is not to love about a magazine with a title like that? I mean, really!

I keep coming across these two images lately:

Daphne Guinness in McQueen in Vanity Fair

Sasha Pivovarova in McQueen in Vogue (US I think?)

And then I saw this gentleman in an old Dazed & Confused:


. . . and now I have billowy blood-red coats on the mind.

And finally, in this cavalcade of self-indulgent ephemera (that's not a pretentious sentence, right??), things that I am feeling style-wise lately, in no particular order:

1. Turbans. Kicking myself for not scrimping to buy a Prada turban (helpfully modelled here by both Olsen twins) when they came out ages ago. Am going to try to make one out of some old scarves, so stay tuned for some dodgy photos of that business!

2. Amish style. Especially feeling button-up faded blue linen shirts with no collar, straw hats and heavy utility pants rolled once at the cuff. (Aren't these photographs simply lovely? They're from here and here)

3. Ruby Woo lippy by M.A.C. Borrowed some off Tess last Friday night and yowzers. The time for Dubonnet has temporarily paused, and I need me some more fire, please.

The end.


  1. At the risk of becoming an 'over commenter', the dark skinned gentleman is the music sensation Omar, who produced classics like
    'There's nothing like this'.

    And if it's not him, it sure do look like him.

    Badaba weeoo.

  2. It probably is! His picture was part of a series of interviews with well-dress South African men but I was in too much of a hurry to tear it out and collage it that I forgot to make a note of his name... (what happened to 'meacoleman'? Every time I read that name I think 'mea culpa'- my weird brain and its associations! Is that intentional on your part?)

  3. Last time I couldn't comment as my secret blogging identity, something wasn't working, so I had to log in using some old gmail id.

    The culprit returneth, j'espaire.